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The Book of Hiram

Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus

This book was published thirteen years after we joined forces to research the origins and meaning of the weird rituals used by Freemasons. For the first five years we had no intention of sharing our findings with anyone – inside or outside of Freemasonry. But because what we found appeared to be of great importance and we decided to write a book about our voyage of discovery and, much to our surprise, The Hiram Key became an immediate best seller that went on to be translated into well over thirty languages.

The Book of Hiram is our fourth book together, but it is the direct sequel to The Hiram Key in that we have returned to our first question: What is Freemasonry really about? This book completes The Hiram Key - Quartilogy. 

We already knew that Freemasonry is a major untapped source of information about our past that is in grave danger of being lost for ever. To lose the information buried within Freemasonry, before it is properly understood, would be throwing away one of the true treasures of the western world.

But we were not prepared for what we found.

Our story begins with the first astronomer stonemason priests from the Neolithic period and traces a tradition that spans more than five millennia. The investigation uncovers important information that sheds a new light on the life and actions of Jesus Christ which has a direct bearing on the rituals still used by Freemasons. And we bring forward what we believe is major new evidence to further demonstrate the deep connection between the medieval Scottish building known as ‘Rosslyn’ and modern Freemasonry.

Over the years of our investigations we have gathered together hundreds of discarded Masonic rituals which tell an ancient story when they are rearranged into chronological order. We have called this reconstructed document The Masonic Testament and it is reproduced in the second section of The Book of Hiram.

The Masonic Testament corresponds very closely to the Bible but it contains many more details that are not recorded in the Old or New Testaments.

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Our recent researches have uncovered such unexpected subjects as astrology, ritualistic sex, and child sacrifice before we finally identified what really lies behind modern Freemasonry.

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The journey we have enjoyed has been extraordinary but the final conclusion has amazed us, for there is a real, heavy-duty science lying forgotten inside the rituals played out in lodges across the globe.

What connects Noah’s Flood, Moses, the foundation of Solomon’s Temple, the birth of Jesus Chris and the foundation of Rosslyn? The answer is ancient astronomy – all were marked by the same extraordinary astronomical event that was considered a manifestation of the goodness of God.

And, most surprising of all, they were not wrong. Modern science has shown that something very strange and wonderful was happening to mankind at these times. The Book of Hiram explains how this lost science was preserved in the rituals of Freemasonry.

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