God makes mankind

1. When God in His eternal council conceived the thought of Man's creation, He called to Him the three ministers that continually waited upon the throne. And their names were - Justice, Truth, and Mercy.

2. And He addressed them saying: 'Shall we make Man?' Justice answered: 'O God, make him not, he will, trample on Thy laws;' and Truth also answered: 'O God, make him not, for he will pollute Thy sanctuaries.' But Mercy, dropping on her knees and looking up through her tears, exclaimed: 'O my God, make him and I will watch over him with my care through the dark and dreary paths he will have to tread.'

3. And hearing Mercy's pleas God made man and called him Adam, and said to him: "O Man, thou art the child of Mercy - go and deal with thy brother.

4. When Adam first presented himself before God under the celestial canopy of divers colours that is heaven he presented himself in humble posture, with uplifted hands and bended knees betokening at once his humility and dependence on the blessed author of his being. Again did he thus present himself before his offended Judge when he endeavoured to avert His wrath, and conciliate His mercy and this expressive and contrite form he has handed down to posterity forever.

5. From that time this penitential sign has denoted that state of heart and mind, without which our prayers and oblations can never be acceptable at the throne of grace, before which how should a frail and erring creature of the dust present himself to his maker.

6. And Adam's place was in the east facing west, clothed in a saffron-coloured robe, and with head covered. In his right hand he held a sceptre, its handle gilded, and on the top a globe of gold. His jewel was a sun of gold, suspended by a chain of gold, worn around his neck. On the reverse side of the jewel was inscribed a hemisphere of gold, showing the northern half of the ecliptic and zodiac, with the signs from Taurus to Libra.

7. In God's eternal council the minister called Truth resided in the West. His robe was rose-coloured and he held a white rod, at the end of which was an eye of gold.

8. Also there were seven lesser beings collectively known as Malakoth (meaning Angels). Individually they were called Malak (meaning Angel) and their names were Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Zarakhiel, Hamaliel, and Tsaphiel. They wore bright flame-colour robes and an apron, from their collar hung a seven-pointed star of gold.

9. Gabriel was placed in the northeast, having on his right his banner, square in shape, of crimson silk, having upon it the figure of an eagle, and the sign of the planet Jupiter.

10. Michael, in the southeast, having on his right his banner of black silk, of like shape, bearing the figure of a lion, and the sign of the planet Saturn.

11. Uriel, in the southwest, his banner of flame-colored silk, of like shape, on his right, bearing the figure of a bull, and the sign of the planet Mars.

12. Raphael, in the northwest, his banner of green silk, of like shape, on his right, bearing the figure of a man, and the sign of the planet Mercury.

13. Zarakhiel, in the east, his banner of purple silk, of like shape, on his right, bearing the sign of the sun.

14. Tsaphiel, in the east, in front of Truth, his banner of white silk and on his right, bearing the sign of the Moon.

15. And Hamaliel, in the South, his banner of blue silk bearing the sign of the planet Venus.

16. Gabriel also wore bracelets of pure tin; Michael, of lead; Uriel of steel; Raphael, of hollow glass, partly filled with quicksilver; Zarakhiel of gold; Tsaphiel of silver; and Hamaliel, of polished copper. The banners of Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Hamaliel were fringed with silver; those of the others with gold.

17. The other members of the Council were termed Aralim (plural of Aral, meaning Lion of God; or hero). Their jewel was a five-pointed star, suspended by a flame-colored ribbon on the left breast.